space molly and Coca-Cola
Molly meets Coca-Cola in space.

China’s leading pop culture and entertainment company, POP MART, collaborated with Coca-Cola to launch two new products: Mega limited-edition 1000% Space Molly Coca-Cola and 400% Space Molly Coca-Cola. The two products are on sale – 1000% SPACE MOLLY at 5,999 yuan (~USD 890) and 400% SPACE MOLLY at 1,299 yuan (~USD 193). 

In February this year, Coca-Cola revealed the “Starlight” limited-edition drink, which is packaged with a design featuring multidimensional, light-filled stars.  

Coca-Cola Starlight combines great Coca-Cola taste with a reddish hue and cooling sensation that evokes the feeling of a cold journey in space. The Space Molly Cola-Cola is the premium version of the Starlight limited-edition drink.  

POP MART launched the MEGA COLLECTION 400% SPACE MOLLY SOFT DRINKS series, which comes in six styles and one secret edition with the vibrant hues of each respective soft drink flavor. As a high-end product line of POP MART, the Mega collection is created to satisfy the interests of art toy collectors, specifically those who enjoy high-end art toys. The iconic design of SPACE MOLLY has attracted world-renowned luxury brands, e-sports teams, and pop culture artists to collaborate and launch crossover products, including MONCLER, EDG, and Keith Haring.   

The new products, 1000%/400% Space Molly Cola-Cola, integrate a gradient fuchsia color with sparkling stars, presenting the beauty and mystery of space. 

This is the first time that Coca-Cola is cobranding with a Chinese pop culture brand to integrate itself with the trendy culture. As POP MART gets more and more popular, Chinese fashion culture brands have attracted international leading brands such as Coca-Cola.  

In the promotion picture and videos, SPACE MOLLY rides a space rover to embark on a universe tour while encountering Coca-Cola, and together they set out exploring the mysterious universe. The two new products were designed to pay respect to humanity’s extraordinary capabilities of exploring space and promote consumers to enjoy the beautiful moment of drinking Coca-Cola.  

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