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Stornergy” launched the first new product cube luncheon meat, replacing nitrite with plant extracts.

It is well known that Chinese people like to eat meat, especially pork. China’s pork consumption ranks first worldwide. When it comes to meat consumption, the first image that comes to mind is the sausage from Shuanghui, Merlin’s luncheon meat, and other legacy brands. However, parents in China are trying to reduce their kids’ consumption of pork products because these products are usually salty, contain a huge amount of starch, additives, and preservatives.

Stornergy team found that there is no processed meat brand in China with a good source of meat, simple ingredients, no additives, enough meat volume, and convenient consumption. Therefore, the young founders of Stornergy decided to make their own brand. They believed that eating meat should be the simplest thing. The founding team analyzed traditional luncheon meat products on the market and collected opinions from 100 meat lovers with different needs (including pursuing a healthy lifestyle, such as fitness, ketogenic, etc.). After that Stornergy launched a square meat product. The product is healthy (less oil, less salt), rich in meat, and can be eaten directly. The portion is suitable for one person, and it is easy to store.

On November 24, the start-up announced the launch of its first new product “Fangfang Luncheon Meat”. The new product changes the shape of traditional spam. There are three cube spams packaged independently in a box, each of which is 145g. It can be eaten after cooking or can be eaten as-is, which is convenient for storage and carrying around.

According to the brand introduction, the new product focuses on a ‘no-additives’ formula, using plant extracts to replace the common nitrite in traditional meat products, without adding any sucrose, coloring, flavor, preservatives, and phosphates. The new product has also more than 3% pure plant ingredients; the pork content counts for more than 87%, containing lean meat without adding starch and other animal meat. The product has four flavors: tomato-spicy, black pepper, corn flavor, and original flavor.

Stornergy was established in August 2021, positioned with mid-to-high-end meat products, and a core concept of “make eating meat a simple thing”. Stornergy commits to being a healthy and quality meat brand and will continue ‘upgrading’ more meat products in the future. The team’s philosophy is in line with the current health pursuit of consumers. The current product was launched only two weeks ago and already received unanimous praise from consumers. The future development of the company is worth looking forward to.

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