Weixian Liangpin got investment - food tech news in Asia

Children’s fresh food brand, Weixian Liangpin, has received ~USD 1.5 million in angel round financing by Fengrui Capital. This round will be used for R&D, brand awareness, and team building.

Weixian Liangpin was established in 2021, focusing on healthy fresh food products for children. The main ingredients are salmon, cod, tuna, and other deep-sea fish and shrimp ingredients. The company is using professional processing standards and fresh supply chain capabilities. Parents born in the 1990s would like to provide fresh and healthy food for their kids to ensure the baby’s nutritional balance and also to create a convenient lifestyle for the mother. 

The first batch is expected to be launched before Chinese New Year (end of January this year). In the future, in addition to online multi-channel sales, the products will be available in major supermarkets across China.

The company chose to focus on fresh food for children after identifying several pain points in the market:

First, parents born in the 1980s and 1990s prefer simple and healthy food for their babies. Reducing the time spent in the kitchen and pursuing fresh and healthy nutritious meals have become this segment’s core demands, which do not fit the current traditional food. Pre-made dishes have just emerged in the domestic market in China and are mainly for adults, while the fresh food market for children still relatively lacks products.

Second, influenced by the traditional Chinese food culture, the parents believe that ingredients that are “killed and cooked now” are the healthiest and most nutritious. Frozen foods are often questioned about their nutrient loss, and the added preservatives are harmful to the body.

Third, the infrastructure of the cold chain logistics and the entire fresh food market in China still need some improvements, especially during transportation of fresh food, where low temperature needs to be maintained throughout the value chain to preserve the nutrition and even the quality of the food.

The improvement of cold chain logistics and the impact of the epidemic have gradually created new consumption habits of quick-frozen food. All kinds of quick-frozen hot pot ingredients and quick-frozen pasta have become the main consumer items in offline supermarkets. The convenience part is obvious, but products that can also implement healthy nutrition principles are still scarce in the market.

In response to the pain points and industry problems of the new generation of parents who “can’t do it, don’t have time to do it, and don’t have professional nutrition recipes”, Weixian Liangpin hopes to integrate deep-sea fish and shrimp ingredients, fresh supply chain, and cold chain transport superior resources, to launch “fresh and fast” fresh food for children, and open a new category in the market.

The combination of a highly experienced team in cold chain products and the imported ingredients from Norwegian waters will definitely create an advantage for Weixian Liangpin when trying to convince the young parents in China of the brand’s superiority and benefits. We will continue to follow up to see how this segment is developed by both Weixian Liangpin and other brands.

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