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KOOYO, a new “serious healthcare products” brand, has completed 3 rounds of financing within 3 months. The investors include K2VC, Kuanzhai Venture Capital, and more. Foresight Capital has been acting as the exclusive financial consultant throughout the process. It looks like the valuation of KOOYO has reached hundreds of millions of RMB.

KOOYO was established in California, the USA in 2019. The company consists of a growing team of scientists, innovators, and creatives who care deeply about health and science. At present, the company has more than 15 exclusive R&D patents. At the same time, it is applying for more than 10 formula research and development patents and has 2 product series, including The One Series and CBD Series. KOOYO has 9 American PhDs that come from different fields such as chemistry, biomedicine, molecular dynamics, and artificial intelligence. The founders have many years of experience in operating R&D laboratories in the US and have served several Chinese and American consumer goods enterprises.

KOOYO is introducing an interesting concept: instead of just increasing the functional values in healthcare products, the brand is increasing the absorption rate of the active components in the human body; Very efficient and Very effective!

The KOOYO team focuses on 2 directions: improving the absorption rate of active ingredients and screening the target of human protein through biological computing to achieve the optimal absorption and most efficient combination of ingredients. Based on the patented formula, the product can systematically reduce the unit price of active ingredients by improving the absorption rate, so that consumers can truly trust the brand through the efficacy, enabling the company to achieve a sustainable repurchase rate.

The One series focuses on the core group of 25 to 40 years old, solving problems such as work pressure and poor sleep, by bringing relaxation and warmth to the stressful and fast-paced life. In the future, KOOYO will create multiple product lines such as “parents line”, “children line”, “couples line”, etc., to link segment needs in different scenarios in daily life and become a must-have product for Chinese families.

The penetration rate of healthcare products for Chinese people aged 25-45 is only one-third of the rate in the US. As young people have become the mainstream consumer groups, there are upgrading opportunities to form new brands by stepping into new scenarios with multi-functions and strong efficacy. In our previous news, we have already mentioned the functional brand Nelo that completed its Series A fundraising.

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