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If you are a snack enthusiast, you will find that Japanese snacks have a leading performance in wide variety, taste and creativity. The Japanese snacks have a magic power to attract all types of food lovers. Various ideas in the Japanese food industry have often become a topic of interest in the industry.

On December 9, Mognavi officially announced the 2021 Japan Snacks Awards. Mognavi is a Japanese food scoring website (snacks), similar to Zagat survey in the US. The website is introducing the content of various foods and the release date, inviting netizens to leave their comments.

Japanese snacks website もぐナビ (mognavi.jp) is also known as the “public comment” of the Japanese snack industry (a famous comment and ranking website in China). In addition to publishing new product information, the site also ranks the popularity and reputation of food. The users are mainly housewives and OLs in their 30s and 40s, who like to convey their impressions of food on the Internet.

Mognavi’s 2021 annual awards include 14 categories and 92 sub-categories. Mognavi aggregates 88,734 reviews and 436,906 items from the cumulative reviews posted from November 1, 2020 to October 31, 2021. The selected products represent the highest popularity in their respective categories. In addition to the daily snacks, the awards also cover beverages, coffee, condiments, and convenience foods. This year the survey also added the “Chinese cuisine” as a sub-category. Out of the huge selection, we chose the following awards:

Best Chu-hai (wine): Suntory Horoyoi series. Chu-hai is a pre-adjusted alcoholic beverage category with Japanese characteristics, made from Japanese shochu and soda water. The Horoyoi Chu-hai launched by Suntory has moderate sweetness, 3% alcohol and the taste of vitamin carbonated beverage.

Best Gummy Candy: BOURBON Vermicelli-shape Gummy Series. This kiwi-flavored fudge is shaped like macaroni. It has a slightly hard elastic feeling when chewed. Concentrated kiwi juice and kiwi seeds are added as part of the ingredients.

Best potato chip snack: tohato vino fresh beans. This is a 100% pea snack that creates a delicious taste, enhancing the freshness of beans by adding garlic、butter and chicken flavor. Each package contains 5 sachets for convenient consumption.

Best cake: Taguchi Foods Orange Cream Puffs. This orange cream puff is filled with a lot of creams, custard, and more. It provides a full-of-milk taste. The price is also affordable, which is very attarctive for cream lovers.

We can have some ideas from the classic best-selling cases of Japanese food. For example, the most frequently discussed topic is the user experience. For a startup brand, we can identify a continuous effort of innovation, attempting to attract the right consumers’ segment and lead the specific category.

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