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Nowadays, many citizens are suffering from work pressure on a daily basis. They would like to spend money to unwind. Alcohol is obviously one of the ways to release pressure. The cocktail brand Riowine is creating a new and different light drink to attract customers. At Sinan Mansions, Rio set up its first RioLab to develop the new light cocktail products. It is an obvious sign that the cocktail brand Riowine is entering the light alcoholic beverage market in China.

Riowine is a famous cocktail brand in China. The founder tasted a great cocktail in Singapore once and decided to bring the cocktail culture to China. With 17 years of development, the company owns at least 50% market share of the cocktail beverage market in China. However, many customers still think that cocktail is a wine with strong alcohol; it should only be offered as part of nightlife activites, parties and during the weekneds. Riowine wants to promote cocktails as a light drink which anyone can enjoy at any time when they feel like it.

The new RioLab in Shanghai will launch more light cocktails. Most of these drinks contain only 1%-3% of alcohol in Vol. The company will invite more cocktail masters from all around the world to improve the mix of more fruits creatively with the base alcoholic substance. The price would be between US$ 3-5 per serving. Also, the Instagram shop design of the RioLab may be the future look of Riowine shops. Try to imagine that you walk into a Riowine shop after a hard week in the office to enjoy a light alcoholic drink with your friends. You do not need to dress up or plan it for too long. It is like enjoying a morning coffee in your favorite coffee shop downstairs. If this is the case, people may prefer to go to a Riolab shop rather than go to a bar.

All in all, the light alcoholic beverage market has a huge potential in China. So far, there are not so many competitors in this area. However, many giant companies such as Budweiser, can follow Rio and enter the light alcoholic beverage segment. We will follow up on this trend and update our readers.

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